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Episode 10 - Overcoming adverse childhood experiences | Breakfast with Boots & Beverley Webb

June 26, 2020

For the 5th of my 10-part series, I am joined by Beverley Webb, wellness coach and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) expert who shares with us the power of acknowledging our traumatic experiences and the important steps we must take in order to aid recovery. Among many nuggets of gold, Beverley also talks about the importance of being truly heard and what you can do to support a colleague, friend or relative who shares a traumatic experience with you. 

Who is Beverley Webb?
“Giving a voice to Survivors of childhood trauma and abuse" and enabling difficult conversations, using the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scoring is something Beverley is incredibly passionate about; to Educate, Enable and Empower.

Recognising experiences of childhood trauma and abuse, both through personal development, a recovery programme and study, has enabled Beverley to acknowledge her own resilience, strength and vulnerability, as well as the importance of self care to heal and overcome.

Beverley's mission is to ensure that everyone is able to access information and we stop the silence, which only exacerbates the shame, guilt and stigma for victims/survivors of abuse and enable voices to be heard. Beverley believes that raising awareness of the long-term effects and outcomes of childhood trauma into Adulthood also provides proactive prevention of abuse for the children of today.

Find out more about Beverley:
YouTube - Beverley Webb StepForward to Have a Voice:

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