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Episode 14 - Lessons from life on duty | Breakfast with Boots & John Sutherland

September 10, 2020

For the 9th of my 10-part series, I am thrilled to be joined by John Sutherland. John has had an extraordinary career where he served as an officer in the metropolitan police for over 25 years, rising in the ranks to Chief Superintendent before leaving on medical grounds in 2018. Now as a writer and public speaker, he shares his incredible stories and experience.

During this podcast, we talk about everything; from the need for long-term societal solutions to domestic violence, to the compound impact of repeated exposure to extreme trauma within the police force.

Among many nuggets of gold, John explains that because of the way we live, we are always asking for faster reforms, for faster solutions but, actually, we need to be thinking longer term. We discuss how the intergenerational effect of abuse, poverty and maltreatment has culminated over years and years of repeated behaviours being passed through generations and as a result - short term, easy solutions are not the answer.

A fascinating podcast from the man who has so many lessons to share from a life on duty.


So, who is John Sutherland?

John Sutherland is a father of three, who lives with his wife and children in south London. John served as an officer in the Metropolitan Police for over 25 years, rising in the ranks to Chief Superintendent before leaving on medical grounds in 2018.  

Since leaving the police force, John has focused primarily on speaking and writing about policing issues. You can learn more on his blog, listed below. On top of his writing and TV / radio appearances, John has also authored two captivating books; ‘Blue: A Memoir’ and 'Crossing the Line: Lessons from a Life on Duty'. John's first book, Blue, was a Sunday Times bestseller. It tells the stories of his policing life and of his slow recovery from the serious nervous breakdown that led to his early retirement from the police force.

As if that isn't enough - John is a sought-after public speaker whose TEDx Talk 'Every contact leaves a trace' has had nearly 23,000 views.


Find more about John

Books Authored: 'Blue' & 'Crossing the Line'



TEDx Talk: Every contact leaves a trace | John Sutherland | TEDxLondon

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