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Episode 11 - Establishing connection in this new virtual world | Breakfast with Boots & Mel Cunningham

Episode 11 - Establishing connection in this new virtual world | Breakfast with Boots & Mel Cunningham

July 17, 2020

For the 6th of my 10-part series, I am joined by Mel Cunningham, a vivacious photographer who shares with us the power of acknowledging the person behind the photo and the important steps that we can take to establish more effective human connection in this new virtual world. Among many nuggets of gold, Mel also talks about the importance of caring about something outside of yourself and the power of immersing ourselves within nature, both in and outside our home.

Who is Mel Cunningham?

“People assume I’ll be watching them intently to get that precisely, perfect photograph. I’m listening for the lift of joy in your voice… soon you’ll be laughing into your smile.”

Mel is a photographer specialising in events, professional headshots, personal brand images for your website. As if that isn't enough, Mel has also created a motivational photography program called "I am my change". This program helps you to break-free from the yo-yo cycle we so often find ourselves in.  'I am my change" is about capturing you creating your alternative future where you commit to being active, because you made a different decision

If you hate being photographed or you hate seeing photographs of yourself, you are Mel's favourite type of client. Really? Yes - genuinely! It’s Mel's personal mission to replace those "ickie" images in your head with images that show you the beauty she can see in you. And then you’ll see for yourself how beautifully you CAN be photographed!

Not only that, Mel loves capturing an atmosphere. While your guests are enjoying themselves, Mel listens out for the lift in someone’s voice, for the punchline reaction. Be it a new product launch, a science fair, a charity fundraiser, a networking group, or an awards ceremony; you will see that every photo has the vivacious stamp of animated joy.

Get in touch and see what she could do for you - Mel would love to hear from you. 




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